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By adopting a meditative mind, your entire life will change. For the better.

First, however, let’s take a peek at our regular mindset, which, on the other hand, is fleeting. It is often stressed out, chaotic, jumping from one place to the next … from one idea to the next … from one thing to the next. It wants things in the future, which does not exist. And it turns back to the past, reminiscing about either good things or bad things.

Never standing still.

This is how humanity’s regular mindset functions. It is like a shattered glass sprayed all over the floor. And each individual piece imagines that if it can just get somewhere else, it will get peace or happiness or whatever kind of fulfillment it is looking for. And each one of the pieces have forgotten that they all belong together as one glass.

The Meditative Mind = One mirror

Thus, all the pieces are searching for something, something they will never find. The only way they can get the peace, the happiness, the contentment they seek, is by realizing that they are all part of the one same piece of glass. The same mirror. And so, the glass, the mirror, as it exists in its «unshattered» state, as it was before it shattered to a thousand pieces, that will be the symbol of the meditational mindset. While the glass in its broken and shattered state, however, is the regular day-to-day-mindset controlling most of us.

Perhaps the biggest, greatest, most rewarding thing you can ever learn is how to be silent and grounded in This Moment.

Meditation is like gathering all the stones and making one thing, rather than having all of them spread chaotically around on the ground.

The Meditative Mind

Meditation is much deeper than simple stress relief, although stress relief obviously is one of its by-products. And all the techniques are training wheels in order for you to get a little bit silence from all the stress and all the noise, so you will come in contact with that which is looking out from your eyes, that which witnesses your breath, that which sees the colors your reality consists of. That which silently watches all of your yearnings, struggles, hopes, dreams, beliefs and fears, but which itself never moves. Which itself never hopes, never fears or struggles, because it is simply here. In this moment, simply existing with these present colors, with this very breath, in this moment, not the next, not thinking about the past moments, but this moment.

A meditative mind is not a mind searching outward, and it is not a mind searching inward either. It is simply not a mind looking for something else. Rather, it’s a mind deeply rooted now, with all of the elements this moment consists of, whether they be beautiful or ugly, so called perfect or unperfect, desirable or undesirable. The meditation mindset knows that there is no escape from this moment, from this very second.

No time machine exists; I exist now. You exist now.

This is all

The master martial artist will forget the entire external world and be in deep meditation as he’s focused on the particular movements of his fighting art’s forms.

Hence, a meditative mind means to let go of all things which are not present, and embrace completely what is here now. And I mean everything included in This Moment – from the deepest core in yourself to the outermost layer of the reality we’re existing in.

But do not move outside of NOW.

For example, if you find yourself in a room, like I do right now. I cannot see what is behind this wall. And so, in the meditation mindset I do not project a reality outside of this wall, because at the moment that reality only exists in my mind via mental associations, projects, beliefs, etc. Instead, I directly experience what I see, what I feel, what I am right now, completely, as it is. Whatever might be on the other side of that wall, however … I will experience it later, if necessary.

Thinking about what your neighbor is doing, or even what your neighbor is thinking about, does not exist as anything else than thoughts in your mind. Images in your mind, fantasies.

Whatever your family is doing when you are not with them, you cannot know. Thinking about that is meaningless. They do not exist in your reality right now if you’re not with them.

Meditation is to Live at the Roots of Yourself

But in the meditative mindset, you live at the roots of yourself.  The roots only exist now, because this moment is the only moment that actually is real. And the more you exist there, at your roots, the deeper you will go. The more you watch the entire world and your thoughts and emotions and sensations, the deeper you’ll enter into your own being. Therefore, all of these inner and outer sensations, perceptions and thoughts – simply watch them. They appear, they have a short life and they disappear.

This is the doorway to exist in meditation. Twenty four seven. You let everything that you cannot see go. But you exist completely with that which is actually here, right now. With you. Let your mind only contain information – and information about information – which is here right now – which is actually a part of of your experience.

And don’t worry, you will get your stress relief. You will get your peace. As a matter of fact, you will come to realize that what looks out from your eyes, is not your thoughts, is not the person you think of as yourself, but it is, in fact, the deepest silence. The deepest peace you could ever dream of. And it exists now. By focusing on what comes, or by focusing on what has been, but is not and will never be again, you are dragging your awareness away in all directions, away from the only thing that is actually here. And the only thing that is here is the thing you have been looking for your entire life, but you didn’t know you were looking for it. You thought you were looking for money, education, family.

Searching for happiness in temporary things
is like grabbing the air and trying to catch it with your hands

Instead, adopt a meditative mind, rooted deeply in this moment, and you will become peace. Rather, you won’t become peace, you are already peace, you will «unbecome» noisy, because the noise in your mind is artificial. You maintain it by focusing on it. And so, just stop focusing on it, and the noise will evaporate, just like the water being boiled.

And if it is hard to adopt a meditation mindset, then feel free to use meditation techniques, training wheels. Use them all the time until you can be in complete silence whenever you choose, in a split-second. After a while you’ll be able to remain silent for longer and longer periods of time, and in the end you won’t be clouded anymore at all. You simply won’t be noisy. Additionally, surely you’re still able to delve into thoughts, manipulate mental images, solve complex, logical or practical problems, or think about whatever you want. However, you will know they are only layers in front of you, while you stay here, rooted deeply in yourself.

Then the world will move in you – you won’t move in the world
Thoughts move in you – you do not move in thoughts

The meditational mindset is embracing existence as it actually is right now, and experiencing and watching it from the deepest place within yourself. The unmoving throne upon which your awareness resides eternally.

Meditation Techniques = «Mental Noise-Distractors»

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Meditate to the smell of incense
Meditate to the smell of incense

One of the main purposes of the Online Meditation Center is to provide you with different kinds of techniques in order to find ways to trick yourself into letting go of your mind’s noise. Thus, the point of these techniques is not to teach you how to meditate, because you cannot be taught how to be yourself, how to exist.

You simply exist

Thus, the meditation techniques and approaches are not in themselves meditation; the techniques are simply distractions, to distract your noisy mind into forgetting to be noisy. Or perhaps more correctly, the meditation techniques’ function is to distract you from being distracted in the first place. This induced distractionlessness will facilitate conscious awareness of the being you already are, and have always been.

Anything you can do, or any change you can make, is not meditation. At best, they can help you uncover the ongoing, eternally meditative stateless state always existing at the root of your self. And the easiest «roadmap» here is as follows:

Just be now, stay here, right now – don’t follow (pay attention to) any arising thought; don’t join in some mentally manufactured story about what’s happening. Rather, simply be here now, listen, watch, sense, purposelessly, not on the search for anything, or to anywhere, not trying to make sense of anything, but just staying put right here. Just as you are. This is perfect meditation.

Because, if what you are, fundamentally, is meditation, then anything else you put onto yourself will be an extra layer, an unnecessary layer, that will need to be removed in order to meditate.

You see, calling it meditation is actually wrong. It just isn’t right, because calling it meditation makes it into something.

Meditate by simply looking straight ahead, into nothingness.

How To Meditate, You Ask?

So you think: «Oh, I got to meditate … but, how do I meditate?»

But meditation is not a «doing», not an action. It is just being. It is not thinking about what will happen tomorrow, or in a year, or in ten years. It is not thinking about what happened yesterday, or ten years ago.

Meditation is completely purposeless, complete relaxation. You don’t have to know anything in order to meditate. Let go of all your knowledge, of all your ideas, of all your preconceptions, of all your judgements.

Just let go

You can pick all of your mental content up later, if you really want to. But right now, let it all go and stay here, for no reason at all.

Let us just sit here for a few moments, not attempting to understand anything, not trying to get anywhere, not trying to change anything. But just being here, right now, as the pure existence that we already are.

Now you might notice that thoughts are popping out. «Am I doing it right? How long will we sit there? Should I do something else? This is boring! Oh my God, how can we sit still like this? I’ve got to do something!»

All of these things come up, almost instinctively. And it might be hard to let them just bubble up and then disappear. Yes, I know, it is very easy to get caught in them and then start following them. Therefore, the techniques I offer you through the Online Meditation Center are to be considered as various ways to anchor yourself in different aspects of your experience, for example, your breath, your sense perceptions, or anything to bring you into This Moment, into the awareness of your being, rather than the focusing on these nagging, fleeting thoughts, these ideas, this restlessness.

Meditate looking at the flame of a candle or oil lamp.

Meditation Techniques are Temporary Training Wheels

Use the techniques that work for you for as long as you need, but do also realize that you will not need them forever. The techniques are merely training wheels. When you are used enough to just being right now, as you are, in what we could call a «meditation state», then you won’t need the techniques anymore.  You can just snap your fingers and be instantly silent, then you are just here. Then techniques will no longer be necessary in order to stay silent and aware.

Different situations necessitates different techniques because you will be activated in different ways, in different situations. However, by using the techniques in these different situations, after some time you’ll learn to remain silent in almost any situation, throughout the day, so you will be able to grow deeper and deeper in your own silence – no matter if you’re driving a car, sitting in a work meeting, eating breakfast, taking a shower, being with your kids, vacuuming, walking in nature, anything.

In the end you won’t need the techniques anymore, you will just be silent.

If you really want, you can transform your entire life into pure meditation and, thereby, have eternal peace. Really, this is the end-point:

24/7 in pure meditation

Now, next time, let’s take a closer look at what exactly the meditative mindset is all about.

What Is Meditation – The Simple Explanation

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Meditation Explained the Easy Way


What is meditation?

Meditation is what you are, what you have always been, what you were the day you were born, what you are right now, and what you will be the day this life ends. Meditation is not a technique, it is not any kind of doing or manipulation of anything.

Meditation can be likened to the very space we exist in.


Meditation is the Everpresent Silence Within Us

Meditation is the silence which listens to every thought you have. The silence which watches every emotion well up in you, hears every sound you perceive, and experiences every color appearing in your reality. Meditation is this silence, which is what you are and have always been.


No Qualifications Needed for Meditating

Obviously, then, there are no pre-requisites to meditate. Nothing you must understand or learn beforehand. The only qualification for meditation is to be alive. Now, this is the straight-forward, easy explanation.

However, if you want a deeper understanding of what meditation actually is, and insight into the different mechanics leading us to more or less forget this natural state as we grow up, then the book «Meditation – Techniques and Approaches» will be exactly what you’re looking for.