Meditation Techniques and Approaches

A Practical Approach to Meditation

Understand the simplicity of meditation with these techniques, approaches and ideas.

Meditation is simultaneously ridiculously easy and incredibly difficult, even though there’s truly nothing more to it than simply experiencing the present moment just as it is, without coloring it by what you think, hope, fear, want, do not want, etc.

In a conversational tone this book intends to share the understanding of
the simplicity of meditation, and through the variety of meditation techniques
you will experience how almost anything can be morphed into a full-blown
meditation session.

For example, how to meditate while

– driving a car
– moving around
– typing on a keyboard
– brushing your teeth
– etc.

After reading this book, you should have a clear understanding of what
separates normal activity from meditative activity. Especially the first
part of the book will help with this aspect, with subject such as:

– What Meditation Is
– The Purpose of Meditation Techniques
– Meditation as Self-Awareness
– The Meditative Mindset

Additionally, a couple of guided meditations are included, as well as
links to the audio versions in case you prefer to listen.



Zen Enlightenment:

The Fire of Zen – Truth Does Not Burn – The Basics


The Fire of Zen - Truth Does Not Burn

Are you a seeker of Ultimate Truth? Do you more than anything else want to “attain” Enlightenment? Then this powerful book is for you. This is not traditional Zen, mind you, nor is it entertainment Zen. This is Fundamental Zen.

The book gives you the basics for understanding what enlightenment is (even though our intellect surely never truly can grasp it), and the necessary basic tools to “get there”. Here’s what’s included:

  • Introduction explaining the difference between the three types of Zen
  • What enlightenment is NOT
  • What enlightenment IS
  • Zen, The Direct Approach
  • The significance of This Moment (HERE NOW)
  • The most fundamental question: “Who Am I?”
  • Explanation of what meditation actually is, and why – in it’s stripped down form – it is important in regards to realizing ultimate Truth.



What You Are – a written meditation

A written meditation session aimed at silencing your mind by pointing you deep into This Moment, and potentially help you uncover the peaceful, everpresent awareness looking out through your eyes every second of every hour your entire life.

Read slowly, and breathe consciously and deeply throughout the session. No hurry. Ever.