Meditation Techniques

How To Meditate with Movement


In this video we will look at how to start meditating with the movement of the body, and how to gradually develop it further and further until you can walk around constantly being aware of your body’s motion, in a state of meditation.



Electric Hands Meditation Technique


In this video you will learn how to use the touching of your fingertips and your breath in order to delve deep into a meditative state. First we look at how you can “tune” yourself into this moment, and then the main part of the meditation practice. At last I demonstrate one way to use the energy that most likely will build up in your hands to either heal yourself or energize the body.



The Ground of Sound


The Ground of Sound is a sitting meditation where you listen deeply to all sounds surrounding you in this moment. Anchor yourself in the atmospheric “hum” which is the background of all sounds, and stay wakeful.



Awareness of Contrasts – A Meditation Approach


In this video I’m sharing the idea of using the contrasts in the different sense perceptions to bring you into complete awareness of this moment and inner silence.



How To Meditate While Driving a Car


In this video I share a few ideas on how to anchor your focus on different points while driving in order to stay in a clean, meditative awareness. With practice, driving a car will become pure meditation.