Video Satsang

Spiritual Enlightenment Explained and 3D Illustrated


In this video I attempt to explain and illustrate as clearly as possible what spiritual enlightenment and Fundamental Reality is, based on my own experience.


If you watch the entire video and are curious as to how you might move forward in order to actually realize this for yourself, then I have written a short and to the point book/guide, “The Fire of Zen – Truth Does Not Burn”, explaining the most important aspects of this “process”. Get it by clicking this image:

Enlightenment: The Fire of Zen


Spiritual Enlightenment – Forget Everything and Look NOW



A Few Words To New Spiritual Enlightenment-Seekers



Reality vs. Experience – Spiritual Enlightenment



The Enlightenment- / Truth-Seeker’s Paradoxical Journey



YOU – The Root of Existence